Would you like some ice with that? - Hand crafted party pieces way cool!

The best parties and the most successful events, the ones that are remembered and talked about for years, don't just happen by happy accident. They're a piece of pure theatre - and nothing adds more drama, excitement and fun than an amazing ice sculpture, created by hand, exclusively for your event.

Whether it's a romantic pair of figures for your wedding reception or your corporate logo carved out of a shimmering block, an entire bar that looks like it has been sliced straight from a glacier or a spectacular fire and ice tower, a custom designed vodka luge or a spectacular live carving demonstration...your wish is our command.

Our team has worked on some of the biggest ice sculpture installation projects in the UK and Europe, including a life-sized car, a number of full-scale one bedroom apartments and an ice bar in an igloo way up in the Alps - if you can imagine it then we can carve it!

Contact us now to discuss your ice sculpture ideas.

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Picture of our outdoor, round bar

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