We don't just mix cocktails...we raise spirits - I drank the world to bring you the best cocktail bar hire experience on the planet!

Nigel, founder of the Mobile Cocktail Company originally wanted to be a rock star. "Doesn't everyone?!" he asks. "But in the meantime I went to parties - I was good at that bit!" He discovered that you could either get a great drink, prepared with fresh ingredients, care and skill...but have to wait. Or a quick one, that just wasn't on the money. That's when his great obsession was born...

"A delicious drink, or a quick drink? I knew there had to be a way to give people both!" His quest for the very best cocktail bar hire concept took him to Havana in search of the perfect Cuban mint, Yerba Buena, as well as the cocktail bars of New York to see the masters at work. "It was arduous, but it had to be done. Then I put everything I'd learnt into practice, along with some of my own tried and tested recipes, and created a tasting panel of friends with sharp palates - soon I had people applying to be my friends!"

Eventually, in 2007, the Mobile Cocktail Company portable bar concept was born. "We cracked it - consistently perfect cocktails, swiftly and stylishly prepared with the finest spirits and the freshest ingredients. It's not up there with mapping the human genome, or putting a man on the moon, but we love it...and so do our customers. LET THE GOOD LIMES ROLL!"

To find out more about Nigel's horticultural adventures in search of the freshest Cuban mint for his portable bar read our blog post "It's the mint that makes the mojito".

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